I have worked on a number of branded events with Production Glue for a myriad of clients including Something Special Studios, Nike, Converse, and Calvin Klein. My duties include accounting for and inventorying all product prior to, during, and after events. I am also occasionally responsible for photographing events for Production Glue's records.
In November 2019, I served as a merchandise representative for MerchDirect at BravoCon NYC. We were responsible for counting, selling, and settling all the merchandise stands over the course of the weekend.
Throughout the summer of 2018, I served as a Production Assistant for Rosé Mansion. I helped them prepare the space for the pop-up's opening. My tasks included painting the floor and walls, running errands, and building furniture.
I served as Box Office Support for LEGO Live in February 2018. Throughout the event, I worked with FrontGate Tickets to help customers work through any issues they may have had entering the event.
In conjunction with Emo Nite LA, I photographed Emo Nite's parties in Chicago throughout 2017.
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