Today was a long one with a strange beginning, decent middle, and incredible end. Our day started at the crack of dawn (not really, but it might as well have been) where we trekked through the freezing streets of Nashville out to Gamma Blast, a video content creation company. We endured one hell of an adventure even getting to the Gamma Blast offices, and while we were all pretty weirded out by the time we arrived, the staff at Gamma Blast surpassed expectations. It was interesting to see the work they do and the importance of how video content creation plays into public relations and promoting a brand. Gamma Blast are in the middle of finishing the second season of a web series they created for the Nashville Predators hockey team, and hearing about the creative process was really interesting. I thought it was cool to hear about the process it took to create the web series and then to see one of the episodes to see the whole thing put together. Visiting Gamma Blast also really resonated with me because I’m trying to work on more videography to add to my portfolio, so it was interesting to get tips from professionals and see what aspects of videography is important for social media pieces.

Our second meeting of the day was with Reed Public Relations, an all female PR firm that creates content and manages social media accounts for their clients. While it was interesting to see the work that Reed was doing for more corporate companies, it isn’t a path I’m that interested in pursuing. But, I loved that they were sticking up for the ladies by being an entirely female firm and they also had a great attitude about how they brand themselves. They don’t take themselves too seriously, and that was really refreshing to see.

Once class was over for the day, we booked it over to Hatch Show Print for a tour of their printing press facilities and to make our own letterpress pressings. It was so fascinating to watch them create the prints and learn more about the infamous company and everything that goes into creating their letterpress posters. But, this evening we went to the legendary Bluebird Cafe and that was such a special experience. Tonight was songwriter’s night, so it was just four professional songwriters sitting in a circle in the middle of the cafe. It was so cool to listen to these songwriters tell stories about some of the biggest songs in country music that they had the pleasure of writing, and then listening to them sing their personal rendition of said songs was just the cherry on top. If you ever plan on visiting Nashville, I highly suggest heading out to Bluebird. It’s the most unassuming place, but you could go see the singers and songwriters of tomorrow, which is so special.