Day 2 in Nashville was by no means as jam packed as the first day, but I still managed to be just as tired at the end of the day as I was yesterday. We started off the day with The Bradford Group, a marketing agency that approaches marketing through a public relations standpoint and combines traditional and digital marketing strategies to promote their clients. While their approach to marketing is different and intriguing, the presentation at the organization was underwhelming. It was unfortunate that the representatives from the company were more focused on teaching us an introduction to public relations class rather then telling us about the work they did. I would of liked to have had a more in-depth discussion about the services they provide for their clients in addition to the strategies they use for promotion. 

In the afternoon, we went on to our second meeting, which was at Marbaloo, a marketing company that covers just about every facet of communications services that you could imagine. They focus on things like digital strategies, tour marketing, and integrated publicity among other things. I absolutely loved our meeting at Marbaloo, I thought it was really informative and interesting. Both Jordan, who was in the marketing department, and Anthony, who was in the public relations department, had good things to say about their jobs but they also weren’t scared to tell us about how difficult their jobs are and how difficult it can be to break into the entertainment industry. Even though they talked about how difficult the industry is, it was also really interesting to hear them talk about how rewarding their jobs are. Their jobs are all about promoting musicians to help their dreams come true, which was something that really resonated with me because I’ve always loved doing things for others and helping people achieve their goals. 

Our time at Marbaloo really got me fired up and excited about all the possible career paths I could take in the future. It just made me want to go out into the workforce and start working in the music industry (but maybe it would be a good idea to finish college first…).