A big part of why I decided to come to Nashville is because I’m majoring in music business and figured there could be a high chance that I could end up working here some day. In preparing for this trip, I talked to friends of mine who work in the music industry and heard nothing but praise about the city. And after months of waiting, I’m finally able to see what they were all talking about. Nashville is such an incredible city, and even after only being here for one day, I can see myself spending a lot of time here in the future. 

Out of our incredibly busy first day, there were two things that really stuck with me. First, after visiting, I really realized the importance of branding, not just with a city, but with just about anything you can imagine. We met with the Chief Marketing Officer and she told us about the process Nashville went through to rebrand the city to what it’s known as now (“The Music City”). It took the city 18 years of planning and carefully curating the rebranding of Nashville and it’s finally starting to catch on. That just blows my mind that it took almost two decades for this transition to catch on to tourists and people outside of the city. But, it also made my realize the importance of branding, not only on a city-wide level, but on a personal level too. 

The other activity that we did today that really resonated with me was visiting the Ryman Auditorium. The Ryman is a venue I’ve known about since I was a kid, and it’s one of those legendary places that I had always wanted to see. It was interesting to not only learn more about the history of the building itself, but to hear about the different marketing and promotions strategies the venue has to go through in order to advertise certain events. It was interesting to hear about the process the venue goes through when it comes to booking talent and then going on to promote those shows and seeing how much those strategies varied from show-to-show. The Ryman is such a unique concert venue with an incredibly interesting history and it’s definitely a place I could see myself working at in the future.